Current Debt vs. Salary

Current Debt:

Bank of America – $119.9.3

Citibank – $251.48

Discover – $1013.42

Auto Loan – $15,359.51

Student Loans – $16,881.93

Grand Total = $33,626.27


Current Salary:

$32,000 – $37,000 annual

The salary is a ball park estimate because I receive a shift differential for working a later schedule.

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    Megan said,

    Hi Luna! Thanks for the post on my blog. I responded to your question about YNAB in a bit of rambling detail, if you want to go check it out. Didn’t want to spam you here!

    I love the blog you’ve got started, and I’m impressed that you’re willing to put your numbers out there. Figuring out what you’ve got to pay off is a great first step. I can’t wait to see what sort of plan you decide on and how it goes.

  2. 2

    deksao said,
    Too many graduates these days look to bankruptcy as an option for debt relief, probably because most people don’t know many approaches to dealing with financial problems. Bankruptcy should always be viewed as a last resort when all other options have been tried as there are serious consequences to this course of action.

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