Paycheck 8/22

This week is payday!! Yippie!! I love payday. The bad thing is, is that the money is going to leave as quickly as it showed up. Well most of it anway. This is how this week’s paycheck breaks down:

Paycheck Amount – $716.31 (Full-time job only, Part-time job is not included)

$195.30 – Utilities

$263.68 – Credit Cards

$85.00 – Student Loan

$50.00 – Fuel

This leaves me with $148.18 left over. Depending upon what my part-time paycheck ends up at, I may increase the amount I put towards my credit cards. I try not to leave too much “left over” money floating around or else I’ll probably spend it. Thankfully once I’m able to transfer all the credit balances to one card, I only have to worry about making one large payment rather then several smaller payments through out the month. Plus like I mentioned in the last post, it’s interest-free until March 1, 2009. I’m excited about not paying any interest! This will definitely save me money in the long run.

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