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I love Barnes & Noble. I could spend a small fortune there. Books are definitely a passion of mine. Reading a good book is just so magical. It sweeps you up in the story & takes you on a journey. It lets your imagination run wild. I love to get lost in a great story. The types of books I usually read are science-fiction, vampires, witches, & magic. Love stories too, but I’m not really into the cheesey romance novels.

Today, my mom, my sister, & I spent about 45 mins in B&N. Mom was looking at tattoo books & magazines. We both have a passion for brightly colored imaginative tattoos. Right now all we can do is look, but we both want to get a few more. My sister isn’t really big on reading, but she likes to go & look anyway. There were several books I wanted to buy. I’m really looking forward to the Twilight movie so I picked up the first book in the series by Stephanie Meyer. I also can’t wait for the True Blood TV series to start. So I bought Dead Until Dark the first book in the “Southern Vampire Novels”, which the TV show is based on. The books are also known as the “Sookie Stackhouse series.” At the checkout, the sales clerk asked me if I had a membership. I told her I was sure it had expired, but she offered to check to make sure. I was right, it had expired. Of course she talked me into renewing. She really didn’t have to convince me too much. I was thinking about renewing it anyway. I’ve been reading a lot more as of late & I prefer to buy my books rather then loan them from the library. I know that’s not the frugal way to go, but I like having them for keeps. Plus I’m the type of person to get busy & end up with a late charge. So all-in-all today was a very spendy day.

Twilight = $10.99

Dead Until Dark = $7.99

Calender (for Mom) = $7.99

Notebook (for Sister) = $9.95

Membership Renewal = $25.00

Subtotal = $61.92

Membership Rewards = -$3.70

Total = $58.22

See, I told you… small fortune. Oh for the love of books!

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    asgreen said,

    Do you have a good library near you? I used to spend a ton of money on books, but now I get them from the libary and if after I read them I feel like I NEED to own a copy I buy it. But it has drastically reduced the dent in my budget.

  2. 2

    Luna said,

    I do have a small library near me. I’ve shyed away from it because I didn’t think it had much of a selection. However there is a bigger library in the city that I work in. I’ll have to check it out sometime soon. Thank you for the tip! 🙂

  3. 3

    boston renter said,

    You should try You mail your old books to other members and get a credit. With the credit you can get any book on the site you want. Free books! I’ve seriously cut down on my new book habit since finding this site. Use my email when you sign up and you get some free books (and so do I). I’ve gotten some really nice books so far.

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