Saturday 9/6/08

The one good thing about Saturday was that it was a No Spend Day. The not so good thing about Saturday was that I had to take my mom to the hospital. She was having chest pains, but after 4 hours in the ER & several tests, the doctors didn’t find anything wrong. Both a good thing & a bad thing. At least, Mom wasn’t having a heart attack. I was supposed to work at the Convience Store, but had to call in since I was with my mom.

Sunday 9/7/08

Worked at the Convience Store second shift. Almost had a no spend day, but then I decided to splurge & buy 6 Laffy Taffys. I was needing a sugar fix badly. Although, the Convience Store wasn’t as busy or as annoying to work at, the time went by slow.

I’m still using Wellness360 to track my nutrition, exercise, & health article. I’m close to $12. Almost half-way to the cash out option. I’ve been trying to convince my family to use it as well. I’ve actually lost a few pounds this week. I think it’s because tracking everything I eat. It makes me more conscious of the things I eat & how much. Hopefully this will help me lose at least 30 pounds. That’s goal for the end of the year.

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