Last September Weekend

Tuesday – Sept 30th

This weekend was a long one. I didn’t have to work at the convience store because I had a gathering for my full-time job. Each year we all get together at the end of September & celebrate. Since the market & the economy has been so crazy, it was nice to have the whole weekend off. I did a little too much celebrating on Saturday though and ended up spending the majority of Sunday in bed. Which would have been nice, if I hadn’t felt sick. I think I may be coming down with a cold now. Saturday was very chilly & I had left my window open most of the night.

I called into work yesterday, and I’m glad I did. I still wasn’t feeling well enough to really leave the house. I feel bad for the rest of my co-workers though, because I know Monday had to have been a really bad day. The DOW ended up down almost 800 points, which means my company was fielding a lot of calls from a lot of scared participants.

Work was insane when I got there… I ended up starting work early because there were so many calls coming. All thanks to Monday’s stock market.

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