With the market still in turmoil, call volume at work has contintued to increase on a day-to-day basis. Today there has been an average of at least 70 – 100 calls holding at a time. Things are crazy here! Last week I ended up with a half hour of overtime. This week it looks like I could end up with a lot more. So far today I will be getting 2.7 hours of overtime. Tomorrow looks to be just as promising for overtime. I don’t mind working overtime. The money is excellent. It’s just that talking on the phone for long periods at a time tend to make my throat dry & sore. And after this weekend, I may already be getting sick. I may end up with larengitis before the end of the week. The good thing is though with overtime being offered at my full-time job, I can soon end my part-time job. I told my manager at the convience store that my last weekend will be November 1st – 2nd. But I did tell him that once tax season is over next year, that I may be able to come back & work weekends again, if I don’t move or something like that. Who knows. A lot can change in 7 months. At least a month from now I’ll be able to get my weekends back!

PS – The money that I get from overtime will be going to pay off my credit card faster. So everyone should hope for me that there’s lots of overtime offered up until March 2009.

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