Expenses Oct 28

Here are this week’s expenses so far:

Auto Loan – $310.00

Bank of America – $26.75

Cell Phone – $150.62

Mom’s HSBC – $26.61


Total = $513.98

I’ve decided to pay on my mother’s small credit card. Once that payment posts, she’ll only owe $220.00. Maybe we can scrounge up some extra money somewhere and find a way to pay that off before the end of next month. Then that’s one less card for my parents to worry about. Plus, that HSBC card has an annual fee, so that would be another expense they can avoid.

On another note, my Citibank card is getting smaller all the time. It’s now down to $1190.00. I really still hope to have this paid off before the end of January 2009, but it might not get completely paid until February. We’ll just have to see how it goes.


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