Expenses MTD

Auto Loan 310
Student Loans 187.28
Parent Loans 110
Citibank CC 29.91
Bank of America CC 151.85
Fuel 123.78
Groceries 0
Utilities/Water 98.67
Bank Fee 32
Verizon 164.17
Beer 27.48
Soda 3.32
Medical 15
Vet Bills 187.2
Dining Out 63.46
Entertainment 25.18
Dad’s Chase CC 97.11
Household Items 97
Pet Food/Items 144.56

Total Expenses Month-to-Date = 1867.97

Some of these things could have been avoided. The bank fees definitely could have been avoided with better planning & account balancing. Also, I didn’t really need to spend nearly $30 on beer just because I was out with friends. I could have drank water instead. I also didn’t really need to buy individual bottles of soda. I could have bought a 12pk or a case, whichever was the better buy. $63 dollars for dining out in one month alone is absolutely crazy! What was I thinking?!?!?! The $15 medical bill could have been avoided too if I had taken the payment out of my HSA instead of my regular checking account. That I attribute to a moment of stupidity. And finally, I absolutely didn’t need to spend $25 for entertainment purposes. That’s a total of $166.44 that could have been saved instead of wasted. Or I at least could have bought some groceries!

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