Standard Mileage Rates for 2009

On Monday, Nov 24, the IRS announced that the mileage rates would change for 2009. They are as follows:

Business – 55 cents per mile

Medical or Moving Purposes – 24 cents per mile

Service of Charitable Organizations – 14 cents per mile

I almost completely forgot about this tax deduction!! My company is big on volunteering for charities and other organizations. They give us volunteer hours to use throughout the year. I used mine during the summer to help sandbag at the city levee during the “Floods of 2008” here in the midwest. I’m going to need mapquest to see how far I drove. I’ve also had several trips to numerous doctors’ offices and the emergency room several times this year. I will need to mapquest those miles as well. I’ve also had a few business meetings where I’ve had to drive to a location away from work.


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