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Spending Report Dec 22 to Dec 28

Debt – 193.28

Pets – 87.77

Dining out – 19.66

Fuel – 47.00

Gifts – 30.00

External Hard Drive – 110.80

Clothing – 26.00

Household items – 12.83

Groceries – 48.00

Total = 575.34

No spend days = 2 (12/25 and 12/27)


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Weekend Update 12-6


I only worked a partial day because I went to the Papa Roach concert with my friend. Ticket – $38 and Parking – $5. I ended up with a guitar pick from the band State of Shock and a Staind guitar pick with Aaron Lewis’ signature on it. Not the most frugal of nights, but man it was a good time. I got to touch Jacoby Shaddix (leader sing of Papa Roach). He is goregous and absolutely amazing!! He’s the most energetic person I’ve ever seen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!

I don’t know how my friend does it, but she made friends with the head lighting tech at the concert and he got her Jacoby’s autograph. I’m jealous! Also she got a free Papa Roach keychain from the merchandise guy. It was supposed to be $10, but she whined about how expensive that was and he just GAVE it to her!! I can’t believe it.


Mom was having chest pains and feeling dizzy so we spent another Saturday at the Emergency Room. As usual, they were super busy and it took a long time for her to be seen and released. Neither of us enjoy spending almost every weekend at the ER, but they are the only ones who can look at her tracheostomy. No urgent care doctors will see her. I still managed to get some errands taken care of though.

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Spending Report 11-30to12-7

Clothing – $19.38

Accessories – $23.50

Personal Hygiene – $7.90

Pets – $39.28

Dining out – $31.62

Soda – $7.35

Entertainment – $47.31

Fuel – $ 24.11

Office supplies – $23.83

Debt – $372.72

Cell phone – $167.62

Total – $764.63

No Spend Days – 2 (11/29 and 12/4)

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Spending Report 11-23to11-29

Dining out – $24.20

Soda/Juice – $2.85

Debt – $157.55

Fuel – $10.00

Total – $198.52

No Spend Days – 3 (11/23, 11/27, and 11/29)

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Feeling Off

Lately I’ve had this feeling of being off-balance. I don’t know what to do about it. I think it stems mostly from work. I recently switched my schedule and instead of working 12:30pm – 9:00pm, I’m there 10:45am – 7:30pm. It’s been difficult for me to adjust. I’ve been late to the office most of the week. Also, we’ve finally had some lay-offs at work. Approximately 550 people are being let go between now and the end of the year. Thank heavens I wasn’t one of them, but it could have easily been me. I’ve only been with the company for a little over a year and a half. It’s scary. And to make matters worse, I had an upsetting conversation with my aunt about going back to school. She basically wants me to quit my job and go back to being an even more financially un-sound college student. Is she out of her ever-lovin mind?!?!?! With the way the economy is, I need to hold onto my job for as long as I can. I enjoy my job, I like my co-workers, and I love my company. What’s wrong with that? I make decent money. I will actually gross approximately $5,000 more than she will, not that I’m trying to throw that in anyone’s face. But geez!! I know she wants me to do better and be better than what I am, but she wants it for all the wrong reasons.

I did have bigger dreams at one time, but things change. Just because I can’t go back to school right now, doesn’t mean I never will. Maybe I will go back and get into Pharmacy school. Who knows? Right now, I think if I did, I go back to get my financial management degree.

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My Spending 11-15 to 11-22

Fuel – 32.56

Soda – 9.04

Stamp – 0.42

Gift Certificates – 2.40

Credit Card Payment – 16.00

Dining Out – 12.82

Alcohol – 55.00

Dogs – 5.00

Groceries – 18.49

Total = 151.73

I had two No Spend Days on 11/15 and 11/16.

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