Weekend Update 12-6


I only worked a partial day because I went to the Papa Roach concert with my friend. Ticket – $38 and Parking – $5. I ended up with a guitar pick from the band State of Shock and a Staind guitar pick with Aaron Lewis’ signature on it. Not the most frugal of nights, but man it was a good time. I got to touch Jacoby Shaddix (leader sing of Papa Roach). He is goregous and absolutely amazing!! He’s the most energetic person I’ve ever seen. I LOVE LOVE LOVE him!!!

I don’t know how my friend does it, but she made friends with the head lighting tech at the concert and he got her Jacoby’s autograph. I’m jealous! Also she got a free Papa Roach keychain from the merchandise guy. It was supposed to be $10, but she whined about how expensive that was and he just GAVE it to her!! I can’t believe it.


Mom was having chest pains and feeling dizzy so we spent another Saturday at the Emergency Room. As usual, they were super busy and it took a long time for her to be seen and released. Neither of us enjoy spending almost every weekend at the ER, but they are the only ones who can look at her tracheostomy. No urgent care doctors will see her. I still managed to get some errands taken care of though.

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    I’m sorry about your mom. How is she now? I hope all of you are doing well this holiday season.

    Been reading your blog for about a month now from bouncing back and I thought this is a perfect time to make myself known.

    Take care and my prayers for you.

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      Luna said,

      Thank you so much for your concern. I’m doing well. My mom is doing alright. She still struggles to get the doctors to understand the difficulties she’s going through. We’re trying to get the doctors to write a prescription so she can have oxygen. I hope you had a wonderful holiday. Happy new year!

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