New Year

I hope everyone is having a great new year. I made it through the holidays and my birthday without any major happenings. Now I’m getting ready for Tax Season. We haven’t had anymore layoffs at my company so far. Thank goodness for that. Still, I’ve been working harder on my performance goals and making sure I don’t call into work or miss any days.  Now that tax time is coming and 2008 has ended, business will pick up. I’ve had a couple of hours of overtime this week, which is always good. I did make a mistake on my allowances on my 2008 paychecks. I had too many and now I might end up owing money. I really hope not. To avoid this, I put myself in a bit of a difficult situation. I had extra money held out of my check for 401k  and HSA contributions. Also, I had them withold an additional $200 go send for federal tax. Hopefully, this will keep me from having to pay anything. It’s been a pretty tight couple of weeks and I won’t receive a regular paycheck until the 23rd. Oh well, maybe then I won’t be tempted to go out anywhere.

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