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February Spending

Here’s how I did for the month:

Auto Insurance – 389.00 (for 6 months)

Auto Loan – 306.12

Cell Phone – 132.43  (Family Plan w/my brother)

Debt – 692.00

Dining out – 54.68

Dogs – 39.69

Entertainment – 75.34

Fuel – 30.00

Grocery – 9.50

State Taxes – 61.00

Student Loans – 272.28

Utilities – 341.83

No Spend Days – 11, Total for the year = 15

No Drive Days – 3, Total for the year = 5

Brought Lunch to Work – 16 out of 16 days, Total for the year = 35 out of 35 days


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I know I’ve been MIA lately. It’s due to an evil cold that won’t leave me alone. I’ve been sick since Friday night and it continues to kick my butt. Monday I went to work, but left at lunch time. Tuesday I was out all day. Today I’m back in the office, but leaving again at lunch time. I really don’t like being sick. I would much rather save my time-off for when I’m not sick.

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My Rant

I’m sorry dear readers, but today is going to be a rant day. My brother is an idiot. Don’t get me wrong, I really really love him and I’m glad he’s my brother, but he’s a financial idiot. Financial idiocy runs in the family so it’s not a surprise, but he should be smarter than that. I just found out that my 20 yr old brother, who makes about $13,000 a year has just gone out and bought a new car. Not a brand new car, but a new used car. A Dodge Charger. He’s already had 3 mustangs, non of which had ever been paid off. And now he’s gone and bought this car. His loan is now $18,000 – AGAIN!!! His loan his more than his salary!! Is he insane???? I could just scream. He barely pays his portion of the cell phone plan we share. He doesn’t pay his own car insurance or his health insurance and my dad still gives him gas money.

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Reducing Spending – DIY

There have been two ways lately that I’ve decided to help reduce my spending. One – we make our own laundry detergent. This one helps a lot. There are some that don’t like the idea of making their own detergent and that’s fine. But this has saved us some money, especially since the reciepe we use fills a 10 gal. pickle bucket and lasts a while. Two – I’ve started making my own dog treats from a receipe book my mother bought me. So far I’ve tried three of the receipes. The cost of making these treats is significantly less than what it costs me to buy pre-made treats. I think I’m going to start making Sunday my treat-baking day. And then freeze some of them. Later in the week I will post the receipes I’ve used. Then I’ll continue to try the rest of the receipes and post them.

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Remember Mrs Powell

Remember Mrs Powell – This is my new mantra. Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking to someone I believe is an Angel in disguise. This woman has had some bad things happen to her:

Her husband of 39 years died, She has leukemia, has lost 7 children, had to have a disk replaced in her back, her truck was stolen, and her safe broken into.

And yet, she was able to laugh and joke with me on the phone. That’s amazing. I seriously believe she’s an Angel. I don’t think I’d be able to make jokes and laugh after all that.

So no matter how bad I think my day is going, I’m going to remember what Mrs. Powell has gone through. And know that if she can find the humor in life I can too! Bless you Mrs. Powell, you have given me a new outlook on life! Thank You.

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