Reducing Spending – DIY

There have been two ways lately that I’ve decided to help reduce my spending. One – we make our own laundry detergent. This one helps a lot. There are some that don’t like the idea of making their own detergent and that’s fine. But this has saved us some money, especially since the reciepe we use fills a 10 gal. pickle bucket and lasts a while. Two – I’ve started making my own dog treats from a receipe book my mother bought me. So far I’ve tried three of the receipes. The cost of making these treats is significantly less than what it costs me to buy pre-made treats. I think I’m going to start making Sunday my treat-baking day. And then freeze some of them. Later in the week I will post the receipes I’ve used. Then I’ll continue to try the rest of the receipes and post them.

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