Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I was sick for about a week and a half. Then the market started getting crazy again so we’ve been busy at work. I haven’t had a lot of time to post. Right now I’m really wishing I had the money to take a week off of work and fly to Vancouver, Canada. Why you may ask? Well the most gorgeous guy in the world, Robert Pattinson, is in Vancouver right now getting ready to shoot the sequel to Twilight called New Moon.  Oh how I wish I could just charge a trip on my credit card and just take off!!! But the responsible, frugal girl in me keeps reminding me that even if I did meet Robert Pattinson and had the time of my life, I’d still be stuck with a huge bill at the end of the month and not enough money to pay it off. Ah!! Why can’t I ever win? *insert extremely sad face here*

Oh well. Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet him somewhere else. Why can’t any good movies ever be filmed in the Midwest?

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