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I don’t really follow Suze Orman, but I think her new advice is good advice. Now is definitely the time to start saving as much as you can, and only make the minimum payments on debt. With all the layoffs and companys that have closed, it’s scary not to have a well funded Emergency Fund. I only make the basic payments on my debt now. The rest goes to savings. I also just consolidated my student loans again. I had consolidated my original student loans when I was in college the first time. I hadn’t done anything with the new loans I had when I started school the second time. Through the consolidation, I will save an extra $40 a month. My payment is changing from $187.28 to $141.61. This is a very good thing for me.


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    BDO said,

    Good job on saving the first $1000 in the emergency account. If you are in an industry that is being hit hard by the slow economy, I would definitely agree with Suze that you should build that emergency account a little bigger. However, don’t let the “bad” news convince you to lose focus on your plan of action. If your plan is working and you are seeing results, I would encourage you to stay the course on your financial marathon. Keep up the good work! You have some great ideas that will pay off in the end!!

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