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Weekend Update

My holiday weekend started, for the most part, last Thursday. My mother had surgery so I was out of the office all day. It was just a routine surgery and she should recover just fine, but was in a lot of pain. She had an overnight stay and got out on Friday afternoon. Everyone else had to work on Friday, and knowing that my office has been slow and unpaid time off has been very regular, I went to work for one hour on Friday morning and ended up with the rest of the day off. So I was the one who waited in the hospital for the dr. to release mom.

Saturday I was supposed to go to a wedding 3 hours from home, but because mom was in so much pain, I decided to forgo the wedding and spend the day at home. I did go to visit my cousins’ house on Sunday and go out to lunch with them. My cousin’s daughter is ADORABLE!!! I love her. They’re expecting another baby in August. My other cousin works for in the same financial field that I do, so she works for my competitor. She says she is always busy at work and they are offering overtime. This makes me wonder if maybe I should change companies? I’m not fully vested in my 401k or my pension yet, so I don’t really want to leave. But if I can work for a competitor and be busy and get paid overtime, that would be very beneficial. However, if I were to leave for this other company, I would have to move 2 hours from my parents and would have to start paying rent somewhere. This seems counterproductive to me. Why move to make more money, when I’d just be shelling out said money for rent? Doesn’t make much sense in the long run, but I do eventually want to move to “The Big City” again and have more opportunities.

Monday, I ran a few errands with my mom and then did practically nothing. Lazy I know, but if felt good.


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Savings Accounts

I have 3 main savings accounts. They are my Emergency fund, Car Maintenance fund, and Long-Term savings.

Here is the interest I’ve accured for each; Month-To-Date:

Emergency – $1.24

Car Maintenance – $0.08

Long-Term – $1.73

My long-term account is actually a 6-month CD right now. I took $100 from my emergency fund Since I don’t plan on using that money (hopefully) any time soon. Plus, with working over time, I had a little more wiggle room with my finances this paycheck. Hopefully, more over time will be offered occasionally. I say, occasionally because after working 14 hours of over time last week, I thought I’d lost my mind. From now on I plan to keep my over time at 10 hours or less. The stress isn’t always worth the money.

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Day Off #1

Today is the first day off I’ve had since the Fourth of July weekend. I’ve worked everything single day since then. Wow! I work a lot. Sometimes it seems never-ending. I know I work way too much. Eventually I’m going to burn out & probably lose my mind. That’s why I applied for 2 other jobs within my company. Both of them pay more than my current position. Both are in another city approximately 2 & 1/2 hours from home, which means I’d be moving. And that means I wouldn’t have to work at the convience store anymore. Yay! I’d rather work 5-day weeks only. 7 days a week is exhausting.

Anyway to start my day off, I got up & went to a cardio gym class with my mom. It was a great class. Wore me out, but I know I worked hard & burned lots of calories! Then we went to visit my sister at work. She’s in retail & hates it. Her company doesn’t really care about their employees. I told her she needs to find a new job. After our visit, mom & I headed back home. I’ve been home ever since. I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble, but I knew that if I went I’d end up buying several books. I love books. I really want to buy the Twilight books so when I watch the movie in December, I’ll know the storyline behind it. I saw the trailer again for Twilight. It looks so good. Another thing I’m looking forward to is the new series TruBlood that will be airing on HBO in September. I love vampire stories. Can you tell?

It’s just so very nice to have a little time to myself. For about 3 hours, I was home all alone. Just me & my dogs. It’s days like this that make me realize how much I’m glad I’m not dating anyone. I work too much & when I’m not working, I’d rather be alone to relax. I think I’m going to finish the book I’m currently reading, maybe go on a bike ride, & then watch the Notebook on TV tonight. A nice quiet night at home is just what I need. So far today I haven’t spent any money. Go me!

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