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Saving Money

I don’t really follow Suze Orman, but I think her new advice is good advice. Now is definitely the time to start saving as much as you can, and only make the minimum payments on debt. With all the layoffs and companys that have closed, it’s scary not to have a well funded Emergency Fund. I only make the basic payments on my debt now. The rest goes to savings. I also just consolidated my student loans again. I had consolidated my original student loans when I was in college the first time. I hadn’t done anything with the new loans I had when I started school the second time. Through the consolidation, I will save an extra $40 a month. My payment is changing from $187.28 to $141.61. This is a very good thing for me.


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Jan Spending Month To Date

Here’s where I stand so far for the month.

Fuel – $114.06

Entertainment – $28.19

Auto Loan – $286.72 – I usually pay more.

Student Loans – $272.28

Utilities/Water – $292.31

Dining Out – $65.87 – This should not be so high, but I went out with co-workers one night and friends another night.

Credit Card Payments – $240.55 – Even though I spent way too much on dining out, I still managed to put a lot towards credit.

Dogs – $150.63

No Spend Days – 4

No Drive Days – 2

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Spending Report Dec 22 to Dec 28

Debt – 193.28

Pets – 87.77

Dining out – 19.66

Fuel – 47.00

Gifts – 30.00

External Hard Drive – 110.80

Clothing – 26.00

Household items – 12.83

Groceries – 48.00

Total = 575.34

No spend days = 2 (12/25 and 12/27)

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Spending Report 11-30to12-7

Clothing – $19.38

Accessories – $23.50

Personal Hygiene – $7.90

Pets – $39.28

Dining out – $31.62

Soda – $7.35

Entertainment – $47.31

Fuel – $ 24.11

Office supplies – $23.83

Debt – $372.72

Cell phone – $167.62

Total – $764.63

No Spend Days – 2 (11/29 and 12/4)

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Tempting Emails

J. Money over at Bugets are Sexy, wrote an interesting post yesterday. Although I can happily say that I’ve never spent $40.00 on “Bling Water,” I’ve definitely had my fair share of emails trying to get me to part with my dear sweet money. One in fact just happened today. My brother and I have a cell phone family share plan. He received an email letting us know that we could renew our contract and upgrade our phones as a “holiday special.” This sent my brother into a frenzy. He’s been wanting a new cell phone for ages now. Sadly, he’s just like me. We LOVE technology, and we love the better, faster, smarter, easier cell phones. Since I’m the primary accountholder, I have to go be the one to actually renew our contract. At first, I had no intention of getting a new phone. I haven’t had my PDA for all that long; though it is an outdated version. Then my brother’s excited frenzy started to shake my money-saving-debt-paying resolve, and I began to cave. I have been saving my coins, dollars, and any unexpected money in a wooden bank. This money started to look like the money I would use to get a new phone. So on our way we went to the local store; money in hand….

Luckily dear readers, my story has a happy ending. It turns out that the customer service representative at the store could not find the email that was sent to us about upgrading our phones. Since he couldn’t find the email, he would not be able to allow us to upgrade early. So we walked out of the store with no new phones and no new contract!!! I was ecstatic! Although my no-spending was all pure luck, it was no-spending just the same. I can happily say temptation avoided! And instead of spending my money on something I didn’t need, I ended up putting the money towards my debt. Yay for me!

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Weekly Spending Report

Nov 8th – Nov 14th

Fuel – $50.10

Groceries – $143.07

Pet Items – $9.62

Utilities/Water – $173.48

Dining Out – $15.49

Gym Membership – $64.20

Newspaper Subscription – $5.42

Credit Card Debt – $22.35

Student Loans – $85.00


Total = $568.70

I went crazy at the grocery store. There’s no way I should have spent nearly $150!! That’s just unacceptable.

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