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Spending Report Dec 22 to Dec 28

Debt – 193.28

Pets – 87.77

Dining out – 19.66

Fuel – 47.00

Gifts – 30.00

External Hard Drive – 110.80

Clothing – 26.00

Household items – 12.83

Groceries – 48.00

Total = 575.34

No spend days = 2 (12/25 and 12/27)

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Expenses MTD

Auto Loan 310
Student Loans 187.28
Parent Loans 110
Citibank CC 29.91
Bank of America CC 151.85
Fuel 123.78
Groceries 0
Utilities/Water 98.67
Bank Fee 32
Verizon 164.17
Beer 27.48
Soda 3.32
Medical 15
Vet Bills 187.2
Dining Out 63.46
Entertainment 25.18
Dad’s Chase CC 97.11
Household Items 97
Pet Food/Items 144.56

Total Expenses Month-to-Date = 1867.97

Some of these things could have been avoided. The bank fees definitely could have been avoided with better planning & account balancing. Also, I didn’t really need to spend nearly $30 on beer just because I was out with friends. I could have drank water instead. I also didn’t really need to buy individual bottles of soda. I could have bought a 12pk or a case, whichever was the better buy. $63 dollars for dining out in one month alone is absolutely crazy! What was I thinking?!?!?! The $15 medical bill could have been avoided too if I had taken the payment out of my HSA instead of my regular checking account. That I attribute to a moment of stupidity. And finally, I absolutely didn’t need to spend $25 for entertainment purposes. That’s a total of $166.44 that could have been saved instead of wasted. Or I at least could have bought some groceries!

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Oct 17 Paycheck

Full-time Job = $1082.87

Part-time Job = $106.02

Total = $1188.89


$95.00 – to brother

$20.91 – Citibank CC (Mine)

$58.85 – Bank of America CC (Mine)

$187.28 – student loan

$98.67 – utilities

$97.11 – Chase CC (Dad)

$40.00 – transfer to regular savings (investment purchases)

$46.18 – Fuel

$6.50 – pitcher of beer with friends

$29.00 – NSF fee

$26.36 – dinner & margaritas with my sister

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Pets = Expensive

I love my dogs. I love them a lot. They are probably the closest I will ever get to having kids. But, boy are they expensive. My oldest dog, but yet my newest dog, just had to be spade. When we took her to get a wellness check-up just after adopting her, the vet said he thought she was spade. Well turns out she wasn’t. She went into heat & proceeded to bleed all over my white pin-striped bed sheets. I was not happy. So we got her spade. Since she was already going to be unconscious, I asked the vet to also clean her teeth because that girl has some funky breath. Little did I realize that it was going to cost a small fortune. I gave my mom a check already written out to the vet so she could pay them when she went to pick up my little lady. Later after work, she gave me the bill. $187.20 OMG!!!! Did they use gold thread to stitch her up? That’s absolutely crazy!! And now, she’ll have to go back to have the stitches removed, in which case, I’m sure they’re going to charge me for that visit too!! Jeez!!! Why do things have to cost so much?

Thankfully, although the economy & the markets have not been well, my company is still as strong as ever. I’ve actually been getting over-time, which is much needed since I’m the one answering the phone when people are freaking out about their 401k’s. Today actually wasn’t nearly as bad as Monday or Tuesday or any day last week. Hopefully the market will start to straighten itself out, but only time will tell.

On another note…. Food prices haven’t gone up just for people, they’ve also gone up for pets as well. I’m going to have to start making more dog treats from scratch rather then buying them.

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Busy-ness & Freebies

I’m sorry that I have not been as dedicated to my blog as i should be. As some of you know, I work for a financial company & thanks to all the craziness in the market, we have been extremely busy. We’ve been swamped every day this week with calls from panic-filled customers. Sometimes I hardly have time to get away from my desk, let alone get to check my email or post a blog. It’s absolute madness. I, for one, am not freaking out. I’m still very young & I know that my retirement investments are in it for the long-term. I haven’t even looked at my 401k account balance in over a month. I know it’s going to be bad & I know that it probably won’t get better any time soon. But I’m not changing a single thing; all of my investments will remain the same.

Hopefully, the economy will straighten out sooner than later. I’m hoping that once the election is over, some of the panic will subside & things will settle down. I know that whoever the next President is, is not the deciding factor of how the economy will turn out. It’s not about who goes into office, it’s more about the election being over & which party goes in, that will hopefully settle things down. I’m not much for politics & I have no intention of getting into them on here. 

So now, on to the freebies…. (Tuesday 9/16/08 mail)

  • Fiber One Granola Bar & Fiber One Cereal with coupons
  • Gain’s new scent on a card with a $1.00 off coupon

Nothing super special, but the granola bar was really good. I will be trying the cereal for breakfast tomorrow.

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Weekend Overview

Saturday I went to my family’s friend’s wedding. It was a very nice ceremony, the dresses were beautiful, & the reception was fun. The wedding cake was awesome & the dinner was good too. But all-in-all, I still don’t like the fact that I spent all my “left-over” money on a dress & shoes. I get paid this coming Friday. Until then I have $6.80 in my checking account. How pathetic??!?!?! I was able to get gas on Sunday while I was working at the convience store, but gas prices have gone back up. It was up about $0.11 from the last time I fueled up. Completely disgusting if you ask me. Even though the gas prices move upward, I was still busy with plenty of customers. It amazes me. I didn’t have one single no-spend day this weekend either.

Today I went to the gym & then went to Wal-Mart with my mom. Again I ended up spending money, but I needed a few groceries. I’m not much of a morning person & I don’t really have time to cook. So I prefer to just eat cereal for breakfast while I’m getting ready for work. I also needed a few apples for snacks through out the week. My mom suggested that I try to slowly lessen my Diet Mountain Dew intake by buying some juice instead. Therefore I bought a container of Ocean Spray Light Cran-Grape Juice. But Wal-Mart did have 6pk Pepsi products for 2/$3.00, so I ended up buying some. I know that pop (or soda as some call it) can cost quite bit if you’re drinking enough. I really should cut back. If I replaced every other can of pop with water, I could put the money towards my debt.  Another thing that would help save money is if I went to cash only. It’s so easy to lose track of the money I spend when swiping my debit card. Starting this Friday, I’ll start carrying cash instead of my card. We’ll see if that makes a difference in my spending.

Another thing to consider is the electricity bill & water bill. I’ve started slacking on making sure things that are not in use are not plugged in. I need to go back to making a conscious effort to unplug everything I can. I also need to stop taking baths. This is going to kill me because I LOVE baths. However it really is such a waste of money. Also there’s something wrong with our toilet. It keeps running long after the tank has filled. We either have to sit there & wait for it to fill & then pull the lever-thing up, or forget about it & the water runs forever! That’s another huge waste of water. Hopefully there’s a cheap & easy way to fix it.

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First No-Spend Day In Awhile

As the title reads, today is the first no-spend day I’ve had in awhile. It’s about darn time! I always end up spending money (usually way too much) when I’m with family or friends. Peer pressure is not a friend of mine! This is why sometimes I’m glad I have a part-time job. As long as I’m working 7 days a week it’s makes it more difficult for me to go out & spend. Once I’m done working all I really want to do is go home, watch TV, or lay down. Although, working at a convience store has it’s downfalls too. I LOVE food. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that before, but I do! And of course, convience stores have lots of junk food. Plus, I work mornings there & I’m not a morning person so I usually end up buying something to eat for breakfast.

I only plan on keeping my part-time job until the end of October at the very latest. Once November comes & it gets closer to the end of the year & the beginning of the new year, that’s when things kick into overdrive at my full-time job. Last year there were plenty of opportunities to work overtime & that should sustain me through the winter. Plus, I’d rather not drive 7 days a week in the winter time. MidWest winters are not good ones by any means. They’ve been getting progressively worse the last few years & the less I’m actually on the road, the better. Plus, it makes more sense to work overtime at the full-time job that pays higher then to keep a part-time job that pays less.

I’m still waiting on my rebates from recycling my cell phone & laptop. They say it takes 4-8 weeks to send the gift cards. They estimate I’ll receive the cell phone rebate in the 2nd week of Sept. The laptop rebate isn’t supposed to show up until the middle of October. Patience is something I’ve never been very good at.

One last thought – Everyone please pray that I get the new position I posted for at work. It pays quite a bit more than what I make now.

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