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Weekly Spending Report

Nov 8th – Nov 14th

Fuel – $50.10

Groceries – $143.07

Pet Items – $9.62

Utilities/Water – $173.48

Dining Out – $15.49

Gym Membership – $64.20

Newspaper Subscription – $5.42

Credit Card Debt – $22.35

Student Loans – $85.00


Total = $568.70

I went crazy at the grocery store. There’s no way I should have spent nearly $150!! That’s just unacceptable.

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Finding Ways To Save

I was reading an article from earlier this week, Stashing Your Cash on Yahoo Finance. The article’s author, Brett Arends, makes a good point in my opinion. I may not be as frightened by the market as he is, but I do think it’s important to stop wasting money & start stashing some away. Today, I took the time to cancel a few things that I absolutely didn’t need to be spending money one. One them being Ringback Tones. Who cares if my phone plays music when someone calls me or if it just rings? I don’t call my own phone so it’s not like I get some kind of enjoyment out of it. That’s $0.99 a month I’m wasting. Although that may not seem like much, it definitely can add up. Another thing I’ve decided to get rid of is the data package on my cell phone. Do I really need to spend $35.99 a month so I can check my email from my phone? Not really. That’s why I pay for internet at home. So I’ll be cancelling that as well. Another item I’ve gotten rid of is a credit score tracker. I was spending $7.99 a month for someone else to keep track of my credit score. I don’t need to do that. I can receive a free credit report from each of the three credit buearus once a year for free. Add just those three things up & I spent $44.97 a month on things I really don’t need. How crazy! That’s money I could be putting towards my debt or saving in my emergency fund. Next month, since my membership should be up for the year, I plan on cancelling my gym membership. I don’t use it nearly as often as I should. Plus when the weather starts to get bad, I won’t want to risk my life trying to get to the gym. That’s another $85.00 a month for me, my mom & sister. All in all, that’s almost $140 I waste on things that aren’t important! Holy cow!! I really need to get my prorities straightened out & quit spending.

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Weekend Overview

Saturday I went to my family’s friend’s wedding. It was a very nice ceremony, the dresses were beautiful, & the reception was fun. The wedding cake was awesome & the dinner was good too. But all-in-all, I still don’t like the fact that I spent all my “left-over” money on a dress & shoes. I get paid this coming Friday. Until then I have $6.80 in my checking account. How pathetic??!?!?! I was able to get gas on Sunday while I was working at the convience store, but gas prices have gone back up. It was up about $0.11 from the last time I fueled up. Completely disgusting if you ask me. Even though the gas prices move upward, I was still busy with plenty of customers. It amazes me. I didn’t have one single no-spend day this weekend either.

Today I went to the gym & then went to Wal-Mart with my mom. Again I ended up spending money, but I needed a few groceries. I’m not much of a morning person & I don’t really have time to cook. So I prefer to just eat cereal for breakfast while I’m getting ready for work. I also needed a few apples for snacks through out the week. My mom suggested that I try to slowly lessen my Diet Mountain Dew intake by buying some juice instead. Therefore I bought a container of Ocean Spray Light Cran-Grape Juice. But Wal-Mart did have 6pk Pepsi products for 2/$3.00, so I ended up buying some. I know that pop (or soda as some call it) can cost quite bit if you’re drinking enough. I really should cut back. If I replaced every other can of pop with water, I could put the money towards my debt.  Another thing that would help save money is if I went to cash only. It’s so easy to lose track of the money I spend when swiping my debit card. Starting this Friday, I’ll start carrying cash instead of my card. We’ll see if that makes a difference in my spending.

Another thing to consider is the electricity bill & water bill. I’ve started slacking on making sure things that are not in use are not plugged in. I need to go back to making a conscious effort to unplug everything I can. I also need to stop taking baths. This is going to kill me because I LOVE baths. However it really is such a waste of money. Also there’s something wrong with our toilet. It keeps running long after the tank has filled. We either have to sit there & wait for it to fill & then pull the lever-thing up, or forget about it & the water runs forever! That’s another huge waste of water. Hopefully there’s a cheap & easy way to fix it.

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New Week

Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. I spent Day Off #2 out of town visiting family. We left the house at around 8:40am & got to my relatives’ house at about 11am. We spent a few hours at their house, checking out the remodeling they did & catching up on everything. Then we went out to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I’ve only been there twice. They have really good food, but extremely expensive. After lunch, we decided to take a look around the nearby mall. So not only did we spend quite a bit on food, but then I bought some clothes & cosmetics that were completely unnecessary. I have a cosmetics addiction! I love bright eyeshadows & different lipsticks. I’ve been so terrible lately! I can’t seem to control myself. However, today I made sure I locked up all of my credit cards so I can’t be tempted anymore. 2 credit cards are already cut up. I’m not cutting the other one up in case I need it for an emergency.

I’ve decided that my goal for 2008 is to pay off my credit cards before January 2009. Once that goal is accomplished, I’ll start sending the money from the credit card payments toward paying off my auto loan. Right now I need to buckle down & seriously stop spending money. If I can do that, then there’s no reason I couldn’t have the credit cards paid off before 2009. I really need to be credit card debt free so I can get everything else paid off. The faster I pay down my debt, the more money I’ll save on interest & the sooner I can get my emergency fund fully funded.

Anyway, to finish up my family outting, after shopping we headed back to my relatives’ house, talked some more & then headed back home around 6:30pm. We didn’t get back home until almost 9pm. I was so very tired for the day’s events. My mom & I were supposed to go to the gym this morning for Zumba class, but we ended up sleeping in late. I really needed. My alarm went off 5 or 6 times before I could actually pull myself out of bed.

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Day Off #1

Today is the first day off I’ve had since the Fourth of July weekend. I’ve worked everything single day since then. Wow! I work a lot. Sometimes it seems never-ending. I know I work way too much. Eventually I’m going to burn out & probably lose my mind. That’s why I applied for 2 other jobs within my company. Both of them pay more than my current position. Both are in another city approximately 2 & 1/2 hours from home, which means I’d be moving. And that means I wouldn’t have to work at the convience store anymore. Yay! I’d rather work 5-day weeks only. 7 days a week is exhausting.

Anyway to start my day off, I got up & went to a cardio gym class with my mom. It was a great class. Wore me out, but I know I worked hard & burned lots of calories! Then we went to visit my sister at work. She’s in retail & hates it. Her company doesn’t really care about their employees. I told her she needs to find a new job. After our visit, mom & I headed back home. I’ve been home ever since. I wanted to go to Barnes & Noble, but I knew that if I went I’d end up buying several books. I love books. I really want to buy the Twilight books so when I watch the movie in December, I’ll know the storyline behind it. I saw the trailer again for Twilight. It looks so good. Another thing I’m looking forward to is the new series TruBlood that will be airing on HBO in September. I love vampire stories. Can you tell?

It’s just so very nice to have a little time to myself. For about 3 hours, I was home all alone. Just me & my dogs. It’s days like this that make me realize how much I’m glad I’m not dating anyone. I work too much & when I’m not working, I’d rather be alone to relax. I think I’m going to finish the book I’m currently reading, maybe go on a bike ride, & then watch the Notebook on TV tonight. A nice quiet night at home is just what I need. So far today I haven’t spent any money. Go me!

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I’m not really that interested in buying clothes. One, because most of them are too expensive for what you get. Two, because I’ve gained weight in the last few years & I know I have perfectly good clothing that I could be wearing if I would force myself to lose weight again. It’s a struggle for me, but I have been going back to the gym regularly again. Now only if I could stop loving food!! I really do love food! But as my mom says, “nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” For the most part she’s right, but there are some pretty darn good tasting foods out there! Anyway, back to the point… I can’t really remember the last time I went clothes shopping. At work, we are casual-comfy, so we get away with wearing jeans & t-shirts all the time. So the only “shopping” I’ve done per se in awhile has been to buy a pair of jeans or two in the last year. Until now. I decided that I needed a belt. So I went to my favorite store, Hot Topic. I love everything about this place! It’s sort of punk meets goth. I love it.

I was shopping for a belt when I happened to see the cutest gray & purple shirt. It was on sale for $13. I decided that I couldn’t leave without it. Then I saw 2 more shirts that I really liked, but they were both full price. $22 & $11. I bought them anyway. Then I was looking at the body jewelry. (I have 13 piercings.) I have 4 piercings in each ear, but I don’t always wear earrings in 3 of them. So I decided to buy some half-hoop earrings to put in all 4 sets of holes. That way I don’t have to worry about taking them out. All in all, I spent a lot! There goes my budget for the month! 😦 😦 I’m disappointed with myself, but I don’t usually buy clothing so I figure this one splurge is OK. But it can’t happen again! Now I must focus all of my efforts towards recovering the amount I spent & then some. I’ve been trying to participate in several online surveys. So far I’ve made $7.00 on one & will be receiving a check in 4-8 weeks. Gosh! That stuff takes forever. Oh well, it’s $7.00 I didn’t have before.

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