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I’m not really that interested in buying clothes. One, because most of them are too expensive for what you get. Two, because I’ve gained weight in the last few years & I know I have perfectly good clothing that I could be wearing if I would force myself to lose weight again. It’s a struggle for me, but I have been going back to the gym regularly again. Now only if I could stop loving food!! I really do love food! But as my mom says, “nothing tastes as good as thin feels.” For the most part she’s right, but there are some pretty darn good tasting foods out there! Anyway, back to the point… I can’t really remember the last time I went clothes shopping. At work, we are casual-comfy, so we get away with wearing jeans & t-shirts all the time. So the only “shopping” I’ve done per se in awhile has been to buy a pair of jeans or two in the last year. Until now. I decided that I needed a belt. So I went to my favorite store, Hot Topic. I love everything about this place! It’s sort of punk meets goth. I love it.

I was shopping for a belt when I happened to see the cutest gray & purple shirt. It was on sale for $13. I decided that I couldn’t leave without it. Then I saw 2 more shirts that I really liked, but they were both full price. $22 & $11. I bought them anyway. Then I was looking at the body jewelry. (I have 13 piercings.) I have 4 piercings in each ear, but I don’t always wear earrings in 3 of them. So I decided to buy some half-hoop earrings to put in all 4 sets of holes. That way I don’t have to worry about taking them out. All in all, I spent a lot! There goes my budget for the month! 😦 😦 I’m disappointed with myself, but I don’t usually buy clothing so I figure this one splurge is OK. But it can’t happen again! Now I must focus all of my efforts towards recovering the amount I spent & then some. I’ve been trying to participate in several online surveys. So far I’ve made $7.00 on one & will be receiving a check in 4-8 weeks. Gosh! That stuff takes forever. Oh well, it’s $7.00 I didn’t have before.

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