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End of the Week

Blogging has started to become a little difficult for me. I don’t lead a very exciting life so there’s not much for me to post about. However, at times it makes me feel more accomplished when I write things down. There have been a lot of set backs this month when it comes to paying off my debt. All I’ve been doing lately is spending money. Grrr…

First, my manager’s Step-Mother passed away this week & so everyone in my office decided to pitch in a few dollars to buy a gift for her family. I donated $5.00.

Second, my parents’ friends’ daughter is getting married this weekend. I’m not much for dressing up so my mom decided it would be good for me to buy a new dress. I bought a plain black dress with white trim. It’s practical, comfortable & I can wear it to any occasion; weddings, birthdays, funerals. etc. That cost me $40.00. Then I had to buy some nylons because I never wear nylons. That cost me another $20.00.

Then I needed new dress shoes to go with my dress. Again I bought some practical & comfortable not-too-high black high heels. Since they were under $20.00, mom made me get a second pair of not-too-high black high heels, but in a different style. Both of these pairs I can wear to work, along with the dress. The second pair of shoes cost me a little over $20.00. That’s ok though because since I can wear all this stuff to work as “professional attire,” I’m going to write them off my taxes as a work expense. The outfit will also come in handy again next month for another wedding I have to attend. My mom also convinced me that I needed new earrings to go with my dress. Those I didn’t pay for though. Let me just say being a girl is tough work!! I’m not much for the whole dressing up thing & I’d rather not wear a dress. I’m more comfortable in pants.

The worst thing is not just the spending money, in order to be at the wedding I had to take the day off of from my part-time job to be there. So there’s a loss of funds from missing work. Ugh!


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