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New Week

Sorry, I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday. I spent Day Off #2 out of town visiting family. We left the house at around 8:40am & got to my relatives’ house at about 11am. We spent a few hours at their house, checking out the remodeling they did & catching up on everything. Then we went out to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I’ve only been there twice. They have really good food, but extremely expensive. After lunch, we decided to take a look around the nearby mall. So not only did we spend quite a bit on food, but then I bought some clothes & cosmetics that were completely unnecessary. I have a cosmetics addiction! I love bright eyeshadows & different lipsticks. I’ve been so terrible lately! I can’t seem to control myself. However, today I made sure I locked up all of my credit cards so I can’t be tempted anymore. 2 credit cards are already cut up. I’m not cutting the other one up in case I need it for an emergency.

I’ve decided that my goal for 2008 is to pay off my credit cards before January 2009. Once that goal is accomplished, I’ll start sending the money from the credit card payments toward paying off my auto loan. Right now I need to buckle down & seriously stop spending money. If I can do that, then there’s no reason I couldn’t have the credit cards paid off before 2009. I really need to be credit card debt free so I can get everything else paid off. The faster I pay down my debt, the more money I’ll save on interest & the sooner I can get my emergency fund fully funded.

Anyway, to finish up my family outting, after shopping we headed back to my relatives’ house, talked some more & then headed back home around 6:30pm. We didn’t get back home until almost 9pm. I was so very tired for the day’s events. My mom & I were supposed to go to the gym this morning for Zumba class, but we ended up sleeping in late. I really needed. My alarm went off 5 or 6 times before I could actually pull myself out of bed.


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