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Busy-ness & Freebies

I’m sorry that I have not been as dedicated to my blog as i should be. As some of you know, I work for a financial company & thanks to all the craziness in the market, we have been extremely busy. We’ve been swamped every day this week with calls from panic-filled customers. Sometimes I hardly have time to get away from my desk, let alone get to check my email or post a blog. It’s absolute madness. I, for one, am not freaking out. I’m still very young & I know that my retirement investments are in it for the long-term. I haven’t even looked at my 401k account balance in over a month. I know it’s going to be bad & I know that it probably won’t get better any time soon. But I’m not changing a single thing; all of my investments will remain the same.

Hopefully, the economy will straighten out sooner than later. I’m hoping that once the election is over, some of the panic will subside & things will settle down. I know that whoever the next President is, is not the deciding factor of how the economy will turn out. It’s not about who goes into office, it’s more about the election being over & which party goes in, that will hopefully settle things down. I’m not much for politics & I have no intention of getting into them on here. 

So now, on to the freebies…. (Tuesday 9/16/08 mail)

  • Fiber One Granola Bar & Fiber One Cereal with coupons
  • Gain’s new scent on a card with a $1.00 off coupon

Nothing super special, but the granola bar was really good. I will be trying the cereal for breakfast tomorrow.


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CVS Trip

2 Bic Wite Out – 2/$3.00 – $1.00 Off Coupon = $2.00

2 Glade Airfreshner – $0.88 ea – BOGO Free Coupon = $0.88

2 Puffs boxes – $0.88 ea – (2) $0.25 off Coupons = $1.26

3 Crest Toothpaste – $1.99 ea – (3) $1.00 EBC ea – (3) $1.00 Off Coupons = +0.03

4 Oral-B Toothbrushes – $1.99 ea – (4) EBC ea – (2) 2/$1.00 Off Coupons = $1.96


Subtotal = $14.50

Total ECB = $7.00

Grand Total = $7.50


Not bad I’d say. Yes, I still spent $7.50 of my own money. But I still think I did a good job. Toothpaste & toothbrushes should last a while!

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