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I’m Back

Ok everyone, I’m back. I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted. I’ve had a few things going on lately. There were some bad days at work, a birthday celebration, St Patty’s day, and other things. My spending was completely out of control the last two weekends. For my friend’s birthday, I managed to spend $60. Then I spent another $60 this weekend. It’s crazy!! So now I need to get back on track with my spending. I cave to peer pressure. Ugh. I’m in the process of transfering one of my dad’s credit card balances over to my Bank of America credit card. Right now he has approx. a $2,500 balance. He’s charged 25.34%, which equals a $50 finance charge and his minimum payment is $75 a month. He’s not really getting anywhere by just making the minimum payment. So we’ll tranfer it to mine. I’m being offered a 1.99% interest rate on any balance transfer now until Dec 2009. Then the interest goes back to it’s normal 9.90%, but that’s still way better than what he’s currently paying. The tranfer fee will be approx. $76. Not terribly bad and I’ll still have an available credit limit of $3,250. So this transfer doesn’t quite take up half of my limit. He will continue to make the $75 payment though. So we can get rid of more of the principal balance.


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Expenses Oct 28

Here are this week’s expenses so far:

Auto Loan – $310.00

Bank of America – $26.75

Cell Phone – $150.62

Mom’s HSBC – $26.61


Total = $513.98

I’ve decided to pay on my mother’s small credit card. Once that payment posts, she’ll only owe $220.00. Maybe we can scrounge up some extra money somewhere and find a way to pay that off before the end of next month. Then that’s one less card for my parents to worry about. Plus, that HSBC card has an annual fee, so that would be another expense they can avoid.

On another note, my Citibank card is getting smaller all the time. It’s now down to $1190.00. I really still hope to have this paid off before the end of January 2009, but it might not get completely paid until February. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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Oct 17 Paycheck

Full-time Job = $1082.87

Part-time Job = $106.02

Total = $1188.89


$95.00 – to brother

$20.91 – Citibank CC (Mine)

$58.85 – Bank of America CC (Mine)

$187.28 – student loan

$98.67 – utilities

$97.11 – Chase CC (Dad)

$40.00 – transfer to regular savings (investment purchases)

$46.18 – Fuel

$6.50 – pitcher of beer with friends

$29.00 – NSF fee

$26.36 – dinner & margaritas with my sister

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This Week’s Paycheck

$797.15 – Net pay after health, dental & vision insurance; 401k & HSA contributions.

– $30.00 – Emergency Savings

– $40.00 – Vehicle Maintenance Savings


= $722.15 – Left for bills & misc.

– $141.14 – Utilities

– $187.28 – Student Loans

– $21.00 – Citibank Credit Card

– $105.00 – Parent Loans

– $31.00 – Investments

– $85.60 – Gym Memberships on Bank of America Credit Card

– $20.00 – Oil Change


= $131.13 Left Over

I think I might be going to a movie with my mother & sister Saturday night, so I should set $20.00 aside. Also, as always, I need more fuel in my vehicle. I’ll have to set another $40.00 aside for that. I will also need to set aside some money for dog food & treats. My dogs eat like they never get fed. I really need to put them on a diet.

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Debt Consolidation Update

My parents decided to go with the 5 year plan. We all agree it’s the best option. The payment is about $600 lower then what we’re paying for all the credit cards individually. So hopefully my parents will be able to start saving some of their money, instead of it all going to bills. The consolidation rep we’re working with said that this might hurt my parents’ credit for a little while, but then it should get better. The bad thing is, my parents can still use the few credit cards that they didn’t put into the consolidation plan. I don’t want them getting swept up in more debt just as we’re starting to get things straightened out. Also, now that this will free up some funds, maybe I’ll be able to quit the part-time job at the end of October. That would be very nice. Then maybe I could have a life again! Haha!

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Misc. Income

I mentioned in another post that I signed up for a Chase Freedom credit card. The last thing I needed was a new credit card, but I did request my $50 bonus rebate check. That should show up in the next week or two. I’m also waiting on my $7 survey check from Opinion Outpost. I’ve been trying to earn money through surveys, but it’s a very slow process for me. Most of the time I don’t qualify. Sometimes it’s annoying, but most of the time I don’t mind. I just wish I would qualify more often. The pay from surveys isn’t much, but something is better than nothing.

I’m also still waiting for my rebates from recycling my cell phone & my old laptop. I’m supposed to get $70 for the cell phone, but only $16 for the laptop. I don’t care though, because like I said something is better than nothing. And if I didn’t recycle my laptop it would still be sitting on my bedroom floor taking up space. I have another laptop that I could recycle, but I’m not able to erase my hard drive. I don’t like the idea of sending it in  with all of my files on it. Maybe I’ll find away to erase the hard drive so I can send it in. I’ll look into that this weekend.

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