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Expenses MTD

Auto Loan 310
Student Loans 187.28
Parent Loans 110
Citibank CC 29.91
Bank of America CC 151.85
Fuel 123.78
Groceries 0
Utilities/Water 98.67
Bank Fee 32
Verizon 164.17
Beer 27.48
Soda 3.32
Medical 15
Vet Bills 187.2
Dining Out 63.46
Entertainment 25.18
Dad’s Chase CC 97.11
Household Items 97
Pet Food/Items 144.56

Total Expenses Month-to-Date = 1867.97

Some of these things could have been avoided. The bank fees definitely could have been avoided with better planning & account balancing. Also, I didn’t really need to spend nearly $30 on beer just because I was out with friends. I could have drank water instead. I also didn’t really need to buy individual bottles of soda. I could have bought a 12pk or a case, whichever was the better buy. $63 dollars for dining out in one month alone is absolutely crazy! What was I thinking?!?!?! The $15 medical bill could have been avoided too if I had taken the payment out of my HSA instead of my regular checking account. That I attribute to a moment of stupidity. And finally, I absolutely didn’t need to spend $25 for entertainment purposes. That’s a total of $166.44 that could have been saved instead of wasted. Or I at least could have bought some groceries!


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Expenses Oct 28

Here are this week’s expenses so far:

Auto Loan – $310.00

Bank of America – $26.75

Cell Phone – $150.62

Mom’s HSBC – $26.61


Total = $513.98

I’ve decided to pay on my mother’s small credit card. Once that payment posts, she’ll only owe $220.00. Maybe we can scrounge up some extra money somewhere and find a way to pay that off before the end of next month. Then that’s one less card for my parents to worry about. Plus, that HSBC card has an annual fee, so that would be another expense they can avoid.

On another note, my Citibank card is getting smaller all the time. It’s now down to $1190.00. I really still hope to have this paid off before the end of January 2009, but it might not get completely paid until February. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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