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Amazing Giveaway

Holly over at Mommies With Cents, is giving away a $50 gift card to Box Tops Marketplace. I think this is an amazing giveaway. I love Box Tops for Education. My family saves them all the time. My siblings and I used to bring them in for our school and now that we’ve all graduated, we’ve started giving them to my young cousin for her school. I had no idea there was a Box Tops Marketplace. Thank you Mommies With Cents for educating me!


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Yay For Money!

Last night, while checking the mail, I was happy surprised to receive a $70.00 visa giftcard from recycling my cell phone. I was psyched!!! It only took 2 months. Instead of setting money aside from my paycheck for fuel, I’ll use part of the gift card & then the rest will go towards paying extra on my credit card debt. Soon that gets paid off, the better. Other than the gift card, nothing special came in the mail yesterday. Maybe there will be more surprises in the mail today.

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First No-Spend Day In Awhile

As the title reads, today is the first no-spend day I’ve had in awhile. It’s about darn time! I always end up spending money (usually way too much) when I’m with family or friends. Peer pressure is not a friend of mine! This is why sometimes I’m glad I have a part-time job. As long as I’m working 7 days a week it’s makes it more difficult for me to go out & spend. Once I’m done working all I really want to do is go home, watch TV, or lay down. Although, working at a convience store has it’s downfalls too. I LOVE food. Not sure if I’ve mentioned that before, but I do! And of course, convience stores have lots of junk food. Plus, I work mornings there & I’m not a morning person so I usually end up buying something to eat for breakfast.

I only plan on keeping my part-time job until the end of October at the very latest. Once November comes & it gets closer to the end of the year & the beginning of the new year, that’s when things kick into overdrive at my full-time job. Last year there were plenty of opportunities to work overtime & that should sustain me through the winter. Plus, I’d rather not drive 7 days a week in the winter time. MidWest winters are not good ones by any means. They’ve been getting progressively worse the last few years & the less I’m actually on the road, the better. Plus, it makes more sense to work overtime at the full-time job that pays higher then to keep a part-time job that pays less.

I’m still waiting on my rebates from recycling my cell phone & laptop. They say it takes 4-8 weeks to send the gift cards. They estimate I’ll receive the cell phone rebate in the 2nd week of Sept. The laptop rebate isn’t supposed to show up until the middle of October. Patience is something I’ve never been very good at.

One last thought – Everyone please pray that I get the new position I posted for at work. It pays quite a bit more than what I make now.

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Nothing Special

I don’t have anything special to talk about today. So I’ll just recap my day. This morning I got up & let the dogs out like I normally do. It always takes me a long time to get up & get going. I tend to move really slow in the morning. After 30 minutes or so, I managed to leave the house & head for the gym. Worked out for 30-40 minutes, then showered, changed & went to work. I ended up away from my desk for a good portion of the day. First I was job shadowing another position in another department. It was a good experience & helps me understand more of the company. Plus the lady I shadowed was really nice. After that, I went to our monthly 2 & 1/2 hour meeting.

In my position, we have goals we have to meet each month in order to help drive us to better our customer service skills. I met 6 out of 6 goals & was given a $10 Target gift card. I’m happy to have earned it. I’ll use it to pay for my dogs’ chewies. Another good thing is that I received a $1.20 referral check from This $1.20 will go to my regular savings account. It’s not much, but it’s more than what I had before.

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