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New Week

It’s Monday. Lately Monday has become my “favorite” day of the week. The reason being that Monday means going back to my regular job & not working at my weekend job. I know I’ve probably complained a lot about this part-time job. I think the reason I dislike my weekend job so much is because it means I don’t get a day off. Working 7 days a week is definitely not fun. I don’t know how some people do it. I know I need the extra money, but I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to keep working there. So many little things at the convience store annoy me.

 I see the same people every day. Sometimes 3 -5 times in one day! They buy the same exact thing. There’s nothing new about it. Yesterday I saw the same guy 3 times. Two of the times he came in to get coffee & the third time he exchanged a propane tank. There’s a couple that always comes in & they both get coffee refills. I saw them 3 times as well. There’s an older guy that comes in & every day he wastes his money on pull-tabs & lottery tickets. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I buy a lottery ticket, but I definitely don’t spend all my money on pull-tabs & scratch tickets. What’s fun about that? There are plenty of other ways I could think to spend my money. Why doesn’t he save it? Go on vacation instead of coming into the convience store every day? Another guy comes in on Saturday & Sunday always buys an 18 pk of Busch Light, a pk of Marlboro Lights & Marlboro Menthol Lights. Why don’t people buy in bulk? If he knows he’s going to be drinking over the weekend & he knows that he & his wife always smoke cigarettes, then why doesn’t me save some time & money by buying a larger pk of beer & a carton of both kinds of cigarettes?

Maybe it’s just me, but it makes sense to buy larger quantities at once rather then making several smaller trips. I hate to multiple trips if I don’t need to. I live about 2 blocks from another convience store & I can’t even remember the last time I was there. I guess I’m more of a homebody. As soon as I get done with work, I like to go home & stay home. I apologize if anyone finds offense in this blog, it’s not my intention. I suppose I just don’t understand how some people think at times.


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$75 Richer! (Sort Of)

Today was a pretty good day. It was a beautiful day out. Not too hot, no real humidity, & a very nice breeze. I’m pretty sure today was one of the best days of summer so far. Not only was it a beautiful day, I ended up $75 richer. How, you ask? Well about a month ago, I had bid on an item on Ebay. Unfortunately, the seller was an evil person out to rob me of my money. He/she never had an intention of sending me the item. After I won the bid & sent my payment, I received an email from PayPal telling me I shouldn’t finish the sale… Too Late! The money was already gone. The seller had deleted the auction & close his/her account. I was very angry. I work hard for my money & how dare this person steal it! So I filed a complaint with PayPal. I had to wait 10 days while they tried to contact the seller before they’d get into an investigation. Of course the seller never answered & PayPal ruled in my favor, but from the letter I received made it sound like I was not getting my money back. So I decided to suck it up, except my losses, & move on. And that’s what I did, until today. Out of the blue, I decided to check my PayPal account – I hadn’t used it since- & bamb!! There it was, my $75 back in my account! Although it was my money to being with, I felt like I won the lottery or something. It was a really great surprise to see that money in my account. Now I can transfer it back to my bank & use the money to pay on my Citibank card. WooHoo!! Sometimes good things do happen to good people!! Now if only I could get a raise or win the lottery, I’d be in really good shape!

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