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Finding Ways To Save

I was reading an article from earlier this week, Stashing Your Cash on Yahoo Finance. The article’s author, Brett Arends, makes a good point in my opinion. I may not be as frightened by the market as he is, but I do think it’s important to stop wasting money & start stashing some away. Today, I took the time to cancel a few things that I absolutely didn’t need to be spending money one. One them being Ringback Tones. Who cares if my phone plays music when someone calls me or if it just rings? I don’t call my own phone so it’s not like I get some kind of enjoyment out of it. That’s $0.99 a month I’m wasting. Although that may not seem like much, it definitely can add up. Another thing I’ve decided to get rid of is the data package on my cell phone. Do I really need to spend $35.99 a month so I can check my email from my phone? Not really. That’s why I pay for internet at home. So I’ll be cancelling that as well. Another item I’ve gotten rid of is a credit score tracker. I was spending $7.99 a month for someone else to keep track of my credit score. I don’t need to do that. I can receive a free credit report from each of the three credit buearus once a year for free. Add just those three things up & I spent $44.97 a month on things I really don’t need. How crazy! That’s money I could be putting towards my debt or saving in my emergency fund. Next month, since my membership should be up for the year, I plan on cancelling my gym membership. I don’t use it nearly as often as I should. Plus when the weather starts to get bad, I won’t want to risk my life trying to get to the gym. That’s another $85.00 a month for me, my mom & sister. All in all, that’s almost $140 I waste on things that aren’t important! Holy cow!! I really need to get my prorities straightened out & quit spending.

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