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April Spending To Date

  • Debt – $40.57
  • ATM Fees – $7.00
  • Grocery – $20.00
  • Fuel – $106.40
  • Utilities – $236.31
  • Entertainment – $11.89
  • Auto Loan – $303.00
  • Student Loans – $292.28
  • Dog items –$511.83
  • Phone – $337.14
  • Dining Out – $152.06

Total – $20.18.48

No Spending Days = 3

The dogs’ category is so high because the dogs had a vet visit that was $295.00. Also I bought a poop-scooper and a set of stairs so my little dog could get up to the bed easier. I went over board this month with going out to eat. I went one night with some co-workers to a new restaurant and a highschool friend of mine had a birthday celebration. The phone category is twice as much as it normally is because it was time renew my contract. I got a new phone and will be receiving a $70.00 rebate, so it will offset a little of the cost. Currently, my main checking account is through USAA and they refund ATM fees up to $15.00 per month, so I will get my $7.00 back.


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Happy Easter

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter has a happy one!


I lost track of my spending during March, so there won’t be a March spending report. I have started keeping track again for April. There’s been another type of cutback in my department at work. Any of the representatives in my area that work after 7pm get a pay differential. Nights are started to get slower, so in order to cut more costs, the company has decided to have less people working at night. So those who will no longer work at night, will no longer get the pay differential. It’s 10% – 15% of our base pay. Which equates to about $2,750 – $4,800 loss. I don’t think I can really afford it. We’ve already had a 2% paycut. I could end up lossing 12% – 17% of my pay. Yikes!! But at least I still have a job, for now.

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$300 Spent Before 11AM

It wasn’t even 11am and I had already spent $300. On what you ask? Groceries, electronics, clothes? No – the Vet. I spent $300 on a visit to the vet’s office. 2 of my dog’s (B and D), needed to be seen and it was time for them to get Heartguard pills and Frontline for flea treatment. D is so big now that he has to take 2 heart pills instead of one. Which means that I’m actually paying for 3 different “sizes” of pills. Why does D have to be an enormous dog? Seeing him as a puppy, I couldn’t have dreamed how big he would become. He weights 121 pounds!! That’s crazy. If he sprawls out on the bed, he takes up half of it! If he get any bigger, he’ll need his own darn bed! I love my dogs, but had I known what it all would cost, I don’t know if I would have had 2 big dogs and 1 little dog. Don’t get me wrong I love my doggies, more than my own life at times, but dang talk about expensive.

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Sorry I’ve been gone so long. I was sick for about a week and a half. Then the market started getting crazy again so we’ve been busy at work. I haven’t had a lot of time to post. Right now I’m really wishing I had the money to take a week off of work and fly to Vancouver, Canada. Why you may ask? Well the most gorgeous guy in the world, Robert Pattinson, is in Vancouver right now getting ready to shoot the sequel to Twilight called New Moon.  Oh how I wish I could just charge a trip on my credit card and just take off!!! But the responsible, frugal girl in me keeps reminding me that even if I did meet Robert Pattinson and had the time of my life, I’d still be stuck with a huge bill at the end of the month and not enough money to pay it off. Ah!! Why can’t I ever win? *insert extremely sad face here*

Oh well. Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet him somewhere else. Why can’t any good movies ever be filmed in the Midwest?

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Spending Report Dec 22 to Dec 28

Debt – 193.28

Pets – 87.77

Dining out – 19.66

Fuel – 47.00

Gifts – 30.00

External Hard Drive – 110.80

Clothing – 26.00

Household items – 12.83

Groceries – 48.00

Total = 575.34

No spend days = 2 (12/25 and 12/27)

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Spending Report 11-30to12-7

Clothing – $19.38

Accessories – $23.50

Personal Hygiene – $7.90

Pets – $39.28

Dining out – $31.62

Soda – $7.35

Entertainment – $47.31

Fuel – $ 24.11

Office supplies – $23.83

Debt – $372.72

Cell phone – $167.62

Total – $764.63

No Spend Days – 2 (11/29 and 12/4)

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Spending Report 11-23to11-29

Dining out – $24.20

Soda/Juice – $2.85

Debt – $157.55

Fuel – $10.00

Total – $198.52

No Spend Days – 3 (11/23, 11/27, and 11/29)

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