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Happy Easter

I hope everyone who celebrates Easter has a happy one!


I lost track of my spending during March, so there won’t be a March spending report. I have started keeping track again for April. There’s been another type of cutback in my department at work. Any of the representatives in my area that work after 7pm get a pay differential. Nights are started to get slower, so in order to cut more costs, the company has decided to have less people working at night. So those who will no longer work at night, will no longer get the pay differential. It’s 10% – 15% of our base pay. Which equates to about $2,750 – $4,800 loss. I don’t think I can really afford it. We’ve already had a 2% paycut. I could end up lossing 12% – 17% of my pay. Yikes!! But at least I still have a job, for now.


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Feeling Off

Lately I’ve had this feeling of being off-balance. I don’t know what to do about it. I think it stems mostly from work. I recently switched my schedule and instead of working 12:30pm – 9:00pm, I’m there 10:45am – 7:30pm. It’s been difficult for me to adjust. I’ve been late to the office most of the week. Also, we’ve finally had some lay-offs at work. Approximately 550 people are being let go between now and the end of the year. Thank heavens I wasn’t one of them, but it could have easily been me. I’ve only been with the company for a little over a year and a half. It’s scary. And to make matters worse, I had an upsetting conversation with my aunt about going back to school. She basically wants me to quit my job and go back to being an even more financially un-sound college student. Is she out of her ever-lovin mind?!?!?! With the way the economy is, I need to hold onto my job for as long as I can. I enjoy my job, I like my co-workers, and I love my company. What’s wrong with that? I make decent money. I will actually gross approximately $5,000 more than she will, not that I’m trying to throw that in anyone’s face. But geez!! I know she wants me to do better and be better than what I am, but she wants it for all the wrong reasons.

I did have bigger dreams at one time, but things change. Just because I can’t go back to school right now, doesn’t mean I never will. Maybe I will go back and get into Pharmacy school. Who knows? Right now, I think if I did, I go back to get my financial management degree.

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Standard Mileage Rates for 2009

On Monday, Nov 24, the IRS announced that the mileage rates would change for 2009. They are as follows:

Business – 55 cents per mile

Medical or Moving Purposes – 24 cents per mile

Service of Charitable Organizations – 14 cents per mile

I almost completely forgot about this tax deduction!! My company is big on volunteering for charities and other organizations. They give us volunteer hours to use throughout the year. I used mine during the summer to help sandbag at the city levee during the “Floods of 2008” here in the midwest. I’m going to need mapquest to see how far I drove. I’ve also had several trips to numerous doctors’ offices and the emergency room several times this year. I will need to mapquest those miles as well. I’ve also had a few business meetings where I’ve had to drive to a location away from work.

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Weekend Overview


Saturday I found myself in the Emergency Room with my mother for 5 hours. It seemed to be a very very busy day for the local ER. My mother recently had a Tracheostomey and as I was cleaing it, I smelled an odd odor eminating from in her throat. It smelled like infection. So my mother called her main doctor’s on-call nurse & they suggested we go to the ER. We sat there for 5 hours so the ER doc could tell us that she has general respiratory infection and to give her a prescription for antibotics. We could have gone to convienent care for all this and it would have only take maybe an hour at most. Ugh.

Then it was off to run some errands for my parents’ business. Another two hours down the drain. Finally I got home around 7:00 pm, checked my email and then spent the rest of the night watching TV. What a waste of a day.


Sunday was better in a few respects. I didn’t spend the day in the ER, but I did spend 5 hours or so working for my dad. We were very busy. There was a lot of work to get done, and then I had another errand to take care of. Sometimes being the responsible daughter sort of sucks. Why are my siblings never held to the same accountability as I am? Because I’m the “good one,” the “responsible one,” and I feel bad if I say no. Ugh.

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With the market still in turmoil, call volume at work has contintued to increase on a day-to-day basis. Today there has been an average of at least 70 – 100 calls holding at a time. Things are crazy here! Last week I ended up with a half hour of overtime. This week it looks like I could end up with a lot more. So far today I will be getting 2.7 hours of overtime. Tomorrow looks to be just as promising for overtime. I don’t mind working overtime. The money is excellent. It’s just that talking on the phone for long periods at a time tend to make my throat dry & sore. And after this weekend, I may already be getting sick. I may end up with larengitis before the end of the week. The good thing is though with overtime being offered at my full-time job, I can soon end my part-time job. I told my manager at the convience store that my last weekend will be November 1st – 2nd. But I did tell him that once tax season is over next year, that I may be able to come back & work weekends again, if I don’t move or something like that. Who knows. A lot can change in 7 months. At least a month from now I’ll be able to get my weekends back!

PS – The money that I get from overtime will be going to pay off my credit card faster. So everyone should hope for me that there’s lots of overtime offered up until March 2009.

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Busy-ness & Freebies

I’m sorry that I have not been as dedicated to my blog as i should be. As some of you know, I work for a financial company & thanks to all the craziness in the market, we have been extremely busy. We’ve been swamped every day this week with calls from panic-filled customers. Sometimes I hardly have time to get away from my desk, let alone get to check my email or post a blog. It’s absolute madness. I, for one, am not freaking out. I’m still very young & I know that my retirement investments are in it for the long-term. I haven’t even looked at my 401k account balance in over a month. I know it’s going to be bad & I know that it probably won’t get better any time soon. But I’m not changing a single thing; all of my investments will remain the same.

Hopefully, the economy will straighten out sooner than later. I’m hoping that once the election is over, some of the panic will subside & things will settle down. I know that whoever the next President is, is not the deciding factor of how the economy will turn out. It’s not about who goes into office, it’s more about the election being over & which party goes in, that will hopefully settle things down. I’m not much for politics & I have no intention of getting into them on here. 

So now, on to the freebies…. (Tuesday 9/16/08 mail)

  • Fiber One Granola Bar & Fiber One Cereal with coupons
  • Gain’s new scent on a card with a $1.00 off coupon

Nothing super special, but the granola bar was really good. I will be trying the cereal for breakfast tomorrow.

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End of the Week

Blogging has started to become a little difficult for me. I don’t lead a very exciting life so there’s not much for me to post about. However, at times it makes me feel more accomplished when I write things down. There have been a lot of set backs this month when it comes to paying off my debt. All I’ve been doing lately is spending money. Grrr…

First, my manager’s Step-Mother passed away this week & so everyone in my office decided to pitch in a few dollars to buy a gift for her family. I donated $5.00.

Second, my parents’ friends’ daughter is getting married this weekend. I’m not much for dressing up so my mom decided it would be good for me to buy a new dress. I bought a plain black dress with white trim. It’s practical, comfortable & I can wear it to any occasion; weddings, birthdays, funerals. etc. That cost me $40.00. Then I had to buy some nylons because I never wear nylons. That cost me another $20.00.

Then I needed new dress shoes to go with my dress. Again I bought some practical & comfortable not-too-high black high heels. Since they were under $20.00, mom made me get a second pair of not-too-high black high heels, but in a different style. Both of these pairs I can wear to work, along with the dress. The second pair of shoes cost me a little over $20.00. That’s ok though because since I can wear all this stuff to work as “professional attire,” I’m going to write them off my taxes as a work expense. The outfit will also come in handy again next month for another wedding I have to attend. My mom also convinced me that I needed new earrings to go with my dress. Those I didn’t pay for though. Let me just say being a girl is tough work!! I’m not much for the whole dressing up thing & I’d rather not wear a dress. I’m more comfortable in pants.

The worst thing is not just the spending money, in order to be at the wedding I had to take the day off of from my part-time job to be there. So there’s a loss of funds from missing work. Ugh!

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